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In May 2021 after a nationwide call out, Colin Higginson and Joe Leahy selected two writers for a residency at Stroud Valleys Artspace for his exhibition ‘In The Manner in Which it Appears’. 


Writers Luke 'Luca' Cockayne and Noor-e-Sehar Ali spent three days at the gallery, where they led creative writing workshops for participants and hosted talks with Higginson about his artistic methods and meditations on phenomenology which drove his exhibition. Focusing the lens on appearance and sense experience against objective universal facts, the exhibition presented sculptures and installations which imitate formations mostly found in nature. 

Along with photographs of the artwork taken by photographer Paul Blakemore, the brilliant contributions of Cockayne and Ali’s workshop participants are included in this publication. Resulting in a vast collection of literary and imaginative ruminations inspired by Higginson’s work, this book celebrates the subjectivity of our shared experience of art. 


This limited edition publication is the result of a collaboration between the artist, and writers. It will be for sale initially at selected events, details of events will be shared here. 

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