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Stick - Cast resin and graphite - 2019


Colin Higginson's practice incorporates sculpture, installation, model making, photography, film and performance. His artwork is motivated by an interest in history, memory and representation, particularly in how meaning and value is constructed through narrative and artifice. Having an interest in archeology he has spent time working in the context of museums and public archives where he has developed an ongoing fascination with the relationship between the sculptural object and archival images, photographs and film. He uses the making of sculpture and methods of display to mediate this relationship and to open up alternate narratives. 

Performance, performnce art, sculpture, objects, Time, Geology, art and actions, art and hypnosis.
Art installation, sculture, crystals, memory, objects
Installation, international art residency, ruins, wool
Contemtorary sculpture, installation, language, art objects
Contemtorary sculpture, art objects,imitation, display
Art installation,Victoria Ribbon Plates, photographic transfers
Art Installation, Contemporart art, film reference
Photography, performance, installation, re-enactment
Sculpture, installation, artific, structure
Sculpture, installation, archive reference
Sculpture, miniature, model, scale, museum
THe House Museum, Archive
Art installation, sculpture, museum display
Sculpture, contemporary art, model, hair, wax, religion
Contemporary art, sculpture, archive material, Dolls House, scale
Landscape, Sculpture, artific
Photography, Archive, discarded, value
Contemporary art, sculpture, archive material, memory, scale
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