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Art Practice 

Colin Higginson's art practice incorporates sculpture, installation, photography, film and performance. His artwork is motivated by an interest in history, memory and representation, particularly in how meaning and value are constructed through narrative and artifice. Having an interest in archaeology, he has spent time working in the context of museums and public archives, where he developed an ongoing fascination with the relationship between the sculptural object and archival images, photographs and film. He uses the making of sculpture and methods of display to mediate this relationship and open up alternate narratives. 

Recent work has focused on the compelling forms and structures of rocks and crystals, creating objects that imitate nature and explore notions of authenticity and the mundane.


Since 2011 Colin Higginson has regularly collaborated with Marcus Jefferies. Their work explores the relationship between architecture and memory through the production of sculpture, photography and installation.

Art In Motion - AIM

Higginson is a founder and director of Art in Motion (AIM), a not-for-profit participatory arts organisation. AIM provides opportunities for artists with learning disabilities and those who face disabling barriers to engage within the contemporary arts. 

Graphite, geometric, sculpture
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sculpture, casting, graphite
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